Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean - a New Partner of OSI

on Friday, 30 January 2015. Posted in In the News

OSI is pleased to announce that it is in process of developing a partnership with the Caribbean Diplomatic Academy in Trinidad with a module on ocean security with assistance of some of its leading technical experts.. This is a result of the partnership which already exists with the University of West Indies, with campuses in Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica through our member of Scientific and Academic Board, Professor Andy Knight.

The following is a brief description of some of Academy-s early plans for 2015:

The Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean (DAOC), the first of its kind in the region, offers both accredited and executive courses in Modern Diplomacy providing intensive exposure to leading global diplomatic experts, immersion in practical training exercises and simulations, and collaborative and diverse learning.

The Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean (DAOC) is a joint project between The University of the West Indies (UWI) through its Institute of International Relations and the Government of Trinidad & Tobago and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since its May 2014 launch, the DAOC has successfully run seven stand-alone modules on diverse topics such as Diplomatic Protocol, United Nations' studies and Intelligence Security, which form an integral part of a wider training in diplomacy and foreign relations.

This year 2015 kicked off with a training Module on « The Rise of China and it's impact on the Caribbean ». According to Professor Andy Knight, Director of the Institute of International Relations at UWI, who also leads the DAOC, “China is too big and important to ignore. This is why anyone who is working in the multilateral environment, especially individuals from small states in the Caribbean, should try to grapple with what it means to have China challenge the US for global supremacy.”

Continuing the Diplomatic Academy’s tradition of soliciting prominent international and regional experts, this module was led by His Excellency Dr Richard Bernal, who is a Diplomat as well as an Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC via video-conference, and Mr Gordon Houlden, Director of the Chinese Institute of the University of Alberta, Canada.

It was followed by a special training Module on « The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Business, Politics and Culture », the first ever educational programme in the Caribbean region on in-depth knowledge about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in partnership with the Trinidad Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

Arab/Middle Eastern relations with the Caribbean date back to the 19th century, and through the discovery of oilfields and economic development, many Middle Eastern countries have become wealthy and powerful actors on the international scene. This Module aimed at providing the knowledge needed for persons to effectively engage the KSA and pursue opportunities therein and was facilitated by His Excellency Dr. Fahad Al Dawood, a Saudi expert on the judicial apparatus & law enforcement System on the KSA and Professor Brinsley Samaroo, Trinidad and Tobago historian and former UWI lecturer.

New projects for this year include developing Modules covering other regions of the world such as Latin America, forge partnerships with prominent Diplomatic Academies and institutions and take the DAOC show on the road across the Caribbean. As such, an offshore Module on « Small States and Trade Diplomacy » will be conducted in Barbados in March 2015 in partnership with the Shridath Ramphal Center of UWI Cavehill, as part of the DAOC’s mission to facilitate training programmes regionally for a better Caribbean future.

Photos from the DAOC curriculum on Saudi Arabia


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