About OSI

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OSI envisages a world in which all stakeholders regard the sustainable management of the world’s oceans and coastal areas as an imperative to ensure the perpetuation of the Earth’s healthy biosphere and human life.
OSI aims to be a seamless link to unite inter-governmental organizations, governments (central and local), the business sector and civil society in a global fight to preserve all elements of the ocean.
This role is made possible by bringing together leaders from all walks of life to help with the fight for the oceans:
·      an Advisory Board of political leaders uniting forces irrespective of party politics;
·      a corporate advisory board of captains of industry;
·      and senior policy advisers, who include leading technocrats in social and natural sciences throughout the world. 
OSI will use the following tools and mechanisms to drive this mission:
·      Funding of initiatives related to oceans and coastal areas.
·      Promotion and employment of world-class best practices and innovative strategies in program management and project implementation.
·      Facilitation of a forum for diverse stakeholders globally to address economic, environmental and food security issues relating to oceans and coastal marine areas.
·      Use of informal diplomacy to influence decision-making within countries when formal diplomacy is not effective